Sunday, November 1, 2015

Staying Strong

Hey guys. It's Forrest. Well unfortunately no progress to report today but we didn't give up any ground either! A doc tried to dial up my valve again this morning.  That really sucks. I hear them debating whether the valve is now at seven or eight (Which is its highest setting ). Hopefully my main doctor will be back tomorrow and will figure it out. 

So what can I do stuck in a hospital bed for days?  I've read all the cool FB and Blog messages which helps a lot! I've watched football with Pops and cheered for the Royals with Tami (grandma and grandpa Doc took me to see them play in KC when I was really little).  I had some great Skype FT and texts with friends.  Then Mum sets up a FT session with my Yoga instructor! 

So here's Vinaya on Mum's phone propped up in a box of exam gloves on the cabinet talking about golden light and telling me how my new valve is like a new organ that I can make friends with.

  It's kind of weird but it also helps me feel better about it.  I'm trying to think of a good nick name for this new friend.  We do some ab work, meditation, and stretching.  It feels good to move again even if I'm still stuck in the bed. 

So that's it for tonight. Hopefully there will be more news tomorrow and I can get home and start practicing for Same Sky in Kansas City! 

Your friend


  1. Now you've done it.....I'm inspired to start my day with exercise. Nice job!! And the Royals win was so great. Those games Gmom and Gpa Doc took us to were fun memories! Hope your day goes well and hope the Dr. can figure out Mr. Magnetron Valve guy...... And YES...we sure want you strong by KC!!

  2. Forrest, you continue to amaze us with your strength, humor, and determination! Keep reaching for those stars! We are looking forward to seeing you back here in the Virginia office soon with your charm and wit brightening our day!
    Love and hugs to you!
    The Rafferty Family

  3. Forrest & Team,
    Know that we continue to lift you up for perfect healing. The stars do continue to align for you and we are so very grateful to be able to be here on the sideline for you. Karen said it best, but we look forward to you getting back to the office to keep us working as hard as you are and to keep us laughing!

    Praying for healing, peace, and strength,
    The Plowman Family

  4. Forrest, Thanks for the updates. You are putting all this down time to good use. Is Toliver doing yoga too?

    Lots of love,

    Jim and Gail

  5. Hi Mr. Awesome. You continue to live up to your glad you updated the blog...sure gives you something to do and you may as well work on some writing skills..the more you stay in college, the more writing they will want from you....wish I had my own yoga instructor...I'd be more diligent about doing some meditation time!!
    Keep on healing and get the awesome Magnetron Valve to cooperate...makes it sound like you are in a marvel comic strip movie.....

  6. Forrest, here you go again,showing us all how to deal with setbacks. Thanks for guiding us, and hope you know that you are in our hearts, always. With love from Tom and Ann Northrup