Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ups and Downs

Day Three has been full of ups and downs and some pretty awfully painful episodes. We're about out of steam so we'll just share a few of our Ups:

Forrest has loved hearing all of your blog and Facebook messages and each picture and fun message on the new FB Community page Paws Up For Forrest! Thank you Thank you! I wish we could respond to each and every one!  Aren't we blessed to have so many wonderful animals in our lives!

Big accomplishment for the day Forrest clawed his way out of bed and stood for the first time since surgery with beautiful and cheerful PT Brianna.  The first thing he did was pat her on the shoulder.  Dr. Kumar was there in person for the momentous occasion and remarked, "Forrest, I beat you up pretty bad, but couldn't that keep you down for long!"  While there are still huge hurdles to overcome, it was great to hear Kumar observe that he has never seen your Noggin look this good before!

She sure was pretty but how could she compete with this face? 

Del sent you his funny sad "I miss working out with Forrest face".  So you returned the favor:

This is your funniest thumbs down , "This sucks I want to go home face" which we rarely see and has never before made the blog... for obvious reasons! 
We miss you, Del!!!

The best part of the day might have been  Face Time with Ben Tom & Kim at APTB today, which put your smile , perhaps still a little strained, right back on your charming face:

So as we sign off tonight we have a special request for our many loyal prayer warriors. Please keep Forrest in your prayers and if you could please add a prayer for Joshua and his family. Their journey with TBI began last May. Like Forrest he's had many complications and setbacks and he began another series of major surgeries with Dr. Kumar just last week.  And like Forrest, he's a fighter too. Sadly, he and his family spent his18th birthday today back in ICU with more complications. So please include Joshua in your prayers tonight.  

God bless. 


  1. Forrest, Even after all you've been through, you look fantastic! And that determined face you used to send to your trainer? You should be a teacher!!!
    Be proud of your accomplishments today.
    Prayers continuing for you and for Josh, too.

  2. Will will remember Joshua too. You are sooooooo brave. And tough.

  3. Hi Forrest, I sure hope you had more ups than downs today. I check your blog first thing every morning, and last thing before bed. (And sometimes around noon! ) So I'm pretty up to date on all your amazing accomplishments.
    Hang in there. Stay tough.
    Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers.
    All love, Gail