Thursday, March 12, 2015

2 days post op!

Forrest is doing great! He was out of bed in a chair for several hours today, ate a little bit of solid food, and had some terrific, uplifting visits from friends. Forrest had his comedic humor in full swing today. He continues to heal and has come off of background levels of pain meds. Now he's only using them when he needs them. The attending physicians are pleased with his progress, and will continue to watch him closely. The goal is for a CT scan on Monday to evaluate the ventricles, bone, and other results from the operation. The JH librarian came by and gave Forrest a Calvin and Hobbes comic book someone had donated, that she had come across and remembered he liked Calvin and Hobbes from his previous stays. Tomorrow we may even play a little Xbox!

-Austin and Team 44

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  1. Hi 44, You are looking fabulous! I can't wait to see you again in the Pilates studio:) Toliver looks really comfortable. Love the smile!!! Bella says Hi!!