Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ice Cream Makes Everything Better!

Although the "grumpies" have visited briefly today, Forrest is having a good day.  Dr. Kumar is checking the surgical site twice a day and although he is pleased overall with how it looks, we won't know for sure for another 48 hours how well it is healing.  Two drains were placed in Forrest's noggin yesterday and if all continues to go well, those drains will come out this weekend and Forrest could be homeward bound on Monday.

We were able to get Forrest out of his room today!  It was a bit of an adventure maneuvering through various doors, elevators and groups of people with the wheelchair, Toliver and the IV pole with its assortment of lines attached to Forrest, but we made it downstairs to a cafe where Forrest enjoyed a "nommy nummy" pizza and dulce de leche ice cream for dessert.  He was his usual cheerful and talkative self, telling us jokes and stories and charming a nearby group of ladies that were admiring Toliver.   When we returned to 10N, we took advantage of the great Teen Room in the unit and played a competitive game of Wii Bowling with Forrest eking out a win by 4 points!

Thanks for all of the continuing messages of encouragement and support!

- Tami and Team 44


  1. Great pics, so glad 44 got to get out of the room and have some yummy ice cream. Miss you all!

  2. just the first of many adventures out of your room (and many more ice creams too I'm sure!) :)
    Love you all and see you soon!

  3. Forrest, you are more than allowed to be a little bit grumpy after noggin surgery! You recover so quickly, I sometimes forget just how much you endure and can only imagine that you suffer some discomfort. Your positive attidude blows my mind despite all circumstances. I love ice cream, too, and am happy to know that you well know its healing powers. :) I am glad you got out and about today, but honestly, you amaze me with your mobility so soon after surgery. Super Man 44. I am praying tonight that your tissue is healing perfectly and swiftly and that Dr. Kumar gets the evidence he is looking for in the next two days.

  4. Norma Allen-GrandmomMarch 20, 2015 at 12:13 AM

    Forrest - you did look so good today. Hope that ice cream helped. I went out and bought me a little. Yum-yum. Glad you got to get some fresh air. I love seeing that wonderful smile you always wear. Take care and know I love you.

  5. I'm so happy to see photos of you up and about and out of your room! You look great!

  6. Keep it up Forrest!!!! You're AWESOME!!!
    Twix and Dragon