Monday, March 16, 2015

Still Waiting

While we're waiting for results from his lab work and  the CAT scan we wanted to thank you all for your  prayers, warm wishes, and encouraging comments. 

On the way to the CAT scan this morning Toliver opened most of the doors and many hearts and minds along the way!

He delivered smiles and laughter to the CAT scan technicians, while he secretly checked all of the settings to make sure we will get a great result! 

Wishing you all love, laughter, faith and friendship.  

Team 44


  1. Love you, bud! You'll be home soon. I'm going to feed the bees today, wish me luck!! xoxo

  2. Those pictures will be the best ever.........nothing but perfect healing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings and prayers to you all !!!!!!!!

  3. What a pair....Toliver and Forrest...two tough guys!! Praying for good results.


  4. Love that that dog....come on results, we want to love you, too! What a spring this is gonna be. We are overjoyed for your family and so incredibly grateful for Forrest's brilliant and caring surgeons: and for his devoted, incredible medical staffers. Keep the photos of you and Toliver and the good news coming. We love you! Shannon, Jim, Meg, Kara and Charlotte xo