Monday, March 16, 2015

What do you do....

When you don't get what you want? Sometimes I pout for a moment. I call Kent... I call one of my sisters. Then I take a deep breathe...or several...and carefully count all of our blessings.  

The CT Scan and 3D virtual reconstruction of Forrest's beleaguered, but beloved, Noggin reveals a masterpiece of surgical innovation. And Forrest's speech, initiation, humor and processing speed are all advancing almost daily.  

But...why does there always seem to be a "But"?  But, the graft from his back which is partially covering and protecting this masterpiece appears to be breaking down in one area. If it does it could expose the underlying bone grafts to skin comtaminants and infection....catastrophe. We cannot let that happen.  So Forrest is back on powerful intravenous antibiotics, the surgical teams are regrouping and Forrest will return to the OR Wednesday. They will excise the questionable skin tissue and place new drains.  Then we will wait watch and pray that this wonderful new Noggin remains free of infection and is given a chance to carry Forrest forward into the life he is meant to live....

A 3D CT scan of the Surgical Masterpiece that we must protect.  

We are blessed to be in one of the finest hospitals in the world.  The nurses and doctors here are fabulous, optimistic, compassionate and exquisitely meticulous. 

So after we counted our many blessings we broke Forrest out of 10 North, grabbed a Tollhouse Ice cream sandwich and bolted for the garden where we found a little patch of Spring Sunshine.  Just breathing in the fresh air, even if it's not the Virginia countryside we adore, was healing. 
Sometimes Ice cream and fresh air are the best medicines.

When we returned to his hospital room, Forrest curled up with Calvin & Hobbes and his devoted sidekick, Toliver, for a snuggle and a nap. 

Nap Time.

Wednesday we will fix this wrinkle and get back on course. There are more blessings to count and Springtime at BrightWood is calling. 

Sweet dreams Forrest and Toliver,


  1. Team 44,

    We are waiting, watching and praying with you!! We are also going to hope the wonderful new noggin gets to remain in place! If anyone ever deserved a good break it is you Forrest.


    The Selfes

  2. Wow, what an incredible picture of a beautiful noggin.......and we will continue to pray for that skin that is giving the trouble.

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  4. Your Davis prayer warriors are ON IT. Hang in there, dear Mama. We are praying that this is a minor-ish hiccough and one that was best caught early while you are still there. I pray that this is a minor delay to returning home. That photo is an utter marvel. Forrest's skull looks like a beautiful masterpiece to me. We are praying hard that it is preserved and will continue to flourish in the coming days this week. Please know that we are praying constantly. Much love. xo

  5. Sorry to hear about the setback. Praying all goes smoothly on Wednesday and it's a smooth road from here.

  6. Hey Forrest! We are praying for you! You have navigated every twist and turn and bump in the road with courage, determination, positivity and humor, and a strength in spirit that is just amazing. I know you will sail through this surgery and all good things lie ahead for you. Keep positive, stay strong, and know we are all behind you. You got this buddy. Love and prayers for Team 44 XOXO

  7. Spring 2015 is here. So with the snowdrops popping up and robin-sightings also comes new, healthy skin growth. Go Team 44!

  8. Ditto to Sha'nay's comment above. The Davis prayer warriors includes me from up here in snowy Boston. Sending my love to you and your sweet family, Forrest. XOXO

  9. Hey Forrest and Team 44

    Deep breath. The sun is shinning down here in North Carolina. Sun rays bouncing off the water, pelicans skimming over the river, cormorants diving down for lunch and then bobbing on the surface as the river's currents float them down to the next fishing spot. River's currents are all around us, we float and paddle and breathe and watch around us. Nature is swirling around us and giving us strength to keep moving forward. I am sending you healing light and warm energy to continue this path along this river. You are strong, funny, courageous and lion hearted. Keep breathing- Spring is at BrightWood waiting for all of you to return to its embrace.
    With great love and admiration,
    Aunt Tricia

  10. Yes, deeeeep breath with the solid expectation that all things bright and beautiful are headed for Team 44! We're ALL behind you, Forrest, praying, rooting, chanting for you to soar through this obstacle xox!

  11. Forrest and Team 44

    We are with you mind and spirit--Your courage knows no bounds. What a journey--All love,

    Jim and Gail

  12. Forrest, stay strong, keep up your sense of humor, let the doctors take care of the medical stuff and we'll all take care of you with our love and prayers! Can't wait to see you back in the Middleburg office again and catch one of your smiles and a thumbs up! We have a picnic table ready to host the first outdoor lunch of the season and we are hoping you will join us for some sunshine and laughs! (And I'll promise to make your favorite mac 'n cheese!)
    Love and hugs,
    The Rafferty family