Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Surgery Update 10:30 am

Forrest enjoyed reading your messages as we waited together early this morning in the pre-op area. Toliver was busy handing out love and kisses to the younger children.  We met with each of the three surgeons and the anesthesiologists  involved today. Forrest of course charmed all the nurses and reassured us.  Dr Kumar agreed that the previous surgeries and Forrest's hard work  has "optimized" his conditions and the team here is optimistic about today's outcome.  

The anesthesiologist pulled up Bob Marley on his phone and Bob began  singing "every little things going to be all right".  You smile your crooked confident smile and squeeze my hand. As I describe our upcoming celebratory tour to Hawaii, they slip the nitrous mask over your handsome face and you drift off to sleep still smiling.  I hope you are dreaming now of warm sand beaches, swimming with Nahele, sipping lava flows, and sneaking off with Austin to the tide pools to feed the eels.  Sweet dreams Darlin. We will surround you in prayer and love until we see you next.   


  1. Tears are avalanching down my face as I beg and pray for all of you that today's chapter of your journey has the best of results. Hugs and love to each and every one of you, including dear Toliver who also knows something important is happening. Forrest is in the hands of the best and we eagerly await updates as we hold you in our hearts.
    Carina, Dean, Caroline, Christina and Shelly

  2. Huge virtual hug!
    You got this Forrest.