Monday, March 9, 2015

Pre-Surgery Update

The surgery that was postponed in January is now taking place tomorrow morning at 7:30.  A team of surgeons will be harvesting native bone from Forrest's skull to rebuild his "noggin".  The surgery is expected to last between seven to ten hours, depending on if the surgeons elect to complete the entire reconstruction tomorrow or divide it and complete the second part at a later date.    

Forrest is strong and loved and is surrounded by the well wishes and support of many!  He was so blessed to spend the past few weeks with his friends from A Place to Be and The Same Sky Project.  Their belief in Forrest has warmed our hearts and brightened many of our days. 

As we spend one last evening together before entering the doors of Johns Hopkins tomorrow, we are thankful for Forrest's unsinkable determination and his ever present humor.  When asked how he felt about the surgery tomorrow, he replied, "It has to happen, so let's just get on with it!"  He is ready to tackle this step in his journey with his incredible bravery and spirit.  

Tonight, as he does so often, Forrest unknowingly uplifted and encouraged us when he stretched his 6'3" frame out on a small couch, patted Austin's arm and sang out "Don't worry, be haaaaaappy"!  

We will update you tomorrow.  Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers.  

-Team 44

Snuggle time with the Broski, Toliver and Olivia's pillow!


  1. Team 44,

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers to Forrest tomorrow!! Can't wait to see Forrest at home with his new noggin!

    The Selfes

  2. Love you, Forrest! Be safe and come home soon!
    The Elgins (hi toli from Shelly

  3. We'll be checking in all day for the thumbs up -- Go 44!!

  4. Forrest!!! It's Olivia!!! I am thinking about you and praying for you! I was so excited to see the pillow but I think it is definitely time for a new one. I hope you do well tomorrow and I totally agree with your expression " Don't worry be Happy!"😃 I will be checking for updates when I get home from school tomorrow! Expect a new pillow when I get back from my Spring Break trip! Love, Olivia😜

    1. Olivia, we don't go anywhere without the pillow! We are always double checking if we have "Olivia"! :) - Team 44

  5. We'll be praying for and thinking about all of you tomorrow. Love you!

  6. All and only good for Forrest, tomorrow and always !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will all be waiting to say "wow.he is amazing " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love and prayers for all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. We have our group of friends and family praying for a successful surgery.....onward and upward Champ!

  8. I'll be waiting for that grin and those thumbs up, even if you are groggy Prayers and hugs for you and your whole family.

    Abby Laughlin

  9. Dear Forrest and Family--The Northrups and all of your friends at Hill School are carrying you in our hearts today. We look forward to seeing you back in Middleburg and on stage. Much love, Ann Northrup

  10. Forrest we are all praying for you and looking forward to hearing all about your successful surgery and speedy recovery.
    Love and hugs!
    The Raffertys

  11. Dear Forrest, Rae, Kent and Austin,

    We send you all love and prayers for tomorrow, and can't wait to see that gorgeous smile and thumbs-up signal from Forrest soon. The journey continues.

    Hugs to you all,

    Jim and Gail (Wofford)