Sunday, March 15, 2015

A bit of a Scare Today

What a day. First thing in the morning the surgeons pulled the drain from under your scalp and changed the bandage. Ouch! And we got a look at their handiwork. The contours of the new bone graft give your head a strong healthy shape again.  

Then we had to say goodbye to Austin as he heads off to Duke. It was so awesome having your amazing big brother lighten our load and brighten our spirits all week. What a Spring Break,eh?

Then this evening Pops noticed drainage from under your bandage. The doctors on call were paged but they were all tied up in surgery.  Pictures and phone consults flew around. The OR was reserved, as they thought they would likely need to operate again. Remembering previous post-op breakdowns and three failed prosthesis, we were all struggling to keep our game faces on. 

Then Dr Kumar himself appeared! He said after seeing the pictures of the incision he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight if he didn't see you for himself.   We held our breath as he removed the bandages and examined your surgical site. He was smiling, clearly relieved and  exclaimed, "I feel 1000 times better after seeing this for myself.  You know, Forrest,  I have a little piece of my soul tied up in you and your future!"  If Dr Kumar feels 1000 times better, then we feel 10,000 times better!

Dr Kumar will keep the OR reserved  "just in case" the CAT scan reveals further concerns, but he is hopeful it won't be necessary.   

So we may be going back to OR or we may be coming home.... Either way, we are grateful for this day, this moment, our time together, your prayers, and the hope of a new future for Forrest. 

As Forrest was singing at 1 o'clock this morning, entertaining himself and Tami, "this is the moment... this is the day, when I send all my doubts and demons on their way!" Tami will be with you bedside again tonight.  Try to get some sleep after all your singing is done! 

Farewell Thumb wrestle with Austin. 

"1000 Times Better"

Love Peace and Faith,


  1. Wow! Look at that NOGGIN!! It looks great!!!

    Honestly Forrest I think we all share a piece of our soul with you because you and Team 44 first shared a piece of yours with us. We have watched, waited and cheered for you through this journey. You inspire us to fight harder and love deeper. Praying for NO OR! Rest well.


  2. I second every single one of Donna's lovely sentiments, dear boy. Our family is praying NO OR, too, or at most MINOR ISSUE! We love you dearly. The picture of your handsome head after these many years makes me shout for JOY! God bless Dr. Kumar and your medical team!

  3. What a beautiful picture and what an amazing Team 44 you have! Praying for your continued recovery and no OR!
    Love, The Davises

  4. Hugs hugs hugs
    We are rooting for all of you to get on home already!

  5. Hoping and praying for homeward bound....but knowing you will handle each step with courage. That head looks sooooo good too! Dr. Kumar's skills are a real gift also. Missing you...but never far from our thoughts.

  6. What a reassuring smile you beam out at the world, Forrest. Thank you for helping us feel better (and look forward to seeing you soon)! Much love from the Northrups