Sunday, March 29, 2015


Home....Friends... Sunshine... Family...Music... Support... Exhuberance... Joy... Laughter...
(And to be honest, some tears and frustration too) but overwhelmingly grateful for your faith in Forrest and for this healing, healthy, happy time.  Here is just a sampling of this amazing first week home:

Pilates with Kay.  Tears of joy when she saw your new Noggin and your new abilities!

Michael's visit and gift of a "Voyce" fitness collar for Toliver!

PT & Work out challenge with Del! "Amazing". 

A surprise visit and hug for Nurse Karen who never lost faith in you.  

Lunch out with Matt sure beats hospital food! 

Filming with Tom for High Notes the documentary film about the impact of music therapy on your life. 

Jam'n & composing with JP & Nathan....
Music to my ears.

There's no way to know what the future holds, but we know it will be special.  Counting each and every moment's blessing.



  1. Looks like a full and successful week. I know its not often easy....but you make it look that way. And Forrest, you look just GREAT! Keep up the good work. So thankful for the healing. What a journey...

  2. What fabulous news and pictures! You are beyond a Super Star, Forrest and it is just THE BEST to see you looking so happy and handsome!!