Friday, March 13, 2015

Continued Progress!

The surgeons don't want to disturb your bandage so we haven't seen their handiwork yet, but all indications are that this new noggin suits you perfectly.  We think this might have been your 18th surgery and you have never bounced back so quickly before.  

Today with the physical therapist, Austin and Toliver at your side you walked the entire length of the hall....TWICE....smiling the whole way! 

Here's a video Sharon Hallman recorded of your first post-op walk!

 And then you worked on your balance with Toliver's encouragement and a gentle game of tug of war.

You're keeping all your medicine down and starting to eat again.   Austin will keep watch by your side overnight.  And you and your dad are planning to watch Nick Weeden's lacrosse game at Brown on the computer tomorrow.  We're hoping for more Skype and FaceTime visits over the weekend.   If your CT scan is good on Monday and you keep making this great progress surely Team Forrest will be home mid week!! 

Love and Peace,

PS:  Dr. Kumar (the Attending Surgeon) just came by and was SO pleased to see how well Forrest is doing and how witty he was. Dr. Kumar said seeing Forrest's progress made his day, after a particularly rough day of surgeries.


  1. Well done, Forrest!!! All such GREAT news! I am grinning from ear to ear in Boston :)

  2. What great photos, and happy news! We love seeing Toliver where he belongs, in the bed with Forrest! Please keep the updates coming. Forrest, you continue to amaze-what a superman! All love, Jim and Gail

    Love, Jim and Gail