Friday, March 6, 2015

Same Sky Tonight Cancelled but the Love Continues

Unfortunately since Loudoun County schools are closed today tonight's performance of the Same Sky is also canceled. We are all terribly disappointed. But taking a lesson from Same Sky, we will focus on the positives... especially their great performances and the amazing interaction that took place between the cast and the audience after each performance.

After the last performance at Mercer middle school a student from the audience asked you Forrest, what's been the hardest thing for you to deal with in the last year.  With a growing sense of self awareness and insight you replied, "Well, there are some things that I can't do right now that other 22-year-olds can, and that is hard.  But I am learning to focus on the things that I can do." And of course you punctuated this revelation with your characteristic lopsided grin!

We are eternally grateful for the camaraderie, inspiration, empowerment, and compassion that A Place To Be and the Same Sky cast and crew provide for one another.  Our whole family has benefited from the experience and we will carry the Same Sky energy and optimism with us as we prepare for Forrest's next surgery and recovery. 

With love and gratitude for every day...

even Snow Days!!!


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  1. Hi Forrest,
    I loved your response to the Mercer Middle school student...some people spend a lifetime searching for such wisdom and insight.
    Good luck on your upcoming surgery and recovery!
    Laurie Rice and family