Monday, January 17, 2011

Update: 11:15pm on 1/17

Forrest was on the move earlier this evening...

...and is now resting and healing in Neuro ICU.


  1. Hurrah...the new room. Sounds like it will be a good place for them to keep an eye on him. So thankful for expert doctors and nurses. I love your blog Forrest. I check it lots to see the latest news. Have a restful night all.....

  2. So glad also you are getting such great care! Praying for you right now!

  3. The Sacripanti's are praying for you. As we woke this morning to a thin covering of snow and ice, I wondered how you made it through the night and then slowly said a couple of prayers that I invoke when I need help. Please tell Forrest that Jesus has his hands on his shoulders to help him along until he is able to walk on his own... God Bless all of you and we will keep you in our prayers. Pete, Mary Ann and all of our kids.

  4. Pete is not alone. I find myself doing the same each morning. I wonder how Forrest's night went and what today will bring - praying for strength and healing for Forrest, comfort and peace for Rae, Kent and Austin, wisdom and expert skills for the doctors nurses and all caretakers. Know that your friends are bowing before the king of kings pleading for complete recovery and restoration for Forrest, whom He loves even more than we do.
    Your friends,
    Donna Barkley, Owen and Chloe Looney

  5. We are all doing the same thing Kent and Rae and Austin. I check each morning to see how Forrest rested through the night. Chris asks as soon as he gets up. Rest peacefully Forrest and let your body heal. I hope you are as well, Austin, Rae and Kent. I pray for strength and love for you all...
    Barbara, Chris and Kendra Riddleberger and Claudia Sarnoff