Monday, January 24, 2011

Update: 9:30pm on 1/24

Forrest is resting more comfortably with the tubes out of his nose and mouth and the doctors think the fever is a combination neurogenic and pneumonia. He has been started on antibiotics and is coughing less. He has been resedated for the procedures today, which went well. So the weaning process of drugs has been slowed but he has had less "storms" since he has had more sedation. They are still searching for the right combination to wake him up and yet suppress the "storms". 

We were bedside at 6pm to add our prayers to yours that 44 can find his way home. We know that with your help, hope and prayers he will. We know that this is tiny step in a long process, but the longest journey starts with a single step.

Thank you all,

In the sidebar of the blog, we have added a link to the UVa Health Foundation to aid in traumatic brain injury (TBI). In lieu of flowers and food, the family would request donations be made in honor of Forrest Allen to assist any others who might go through this process.


  1. I am so happy that the doctors were able to make you more comfortable today Forrest!

    I do not have the pleasure of knowing you or your family, but I am now your biggest fan in Atlanta!

    You did a wonderful job of "surfacing" yesterday to let everyone know how hard you are fighting even as you rest, and your family was so excited to see your progress - as were all of your friends and fans like me!
    Just remember (and your family should too) that life is full of UPS and DOWNS, and small steps are huge for you! Just know that you are surrounded by your family, who are all warriors on your behalf, and they are working with the wonderful Wahoo doctors to help you heal as fast as possible. So know that you will get through these challenges (you certainly know this!) and keep the Faith - we certainly all are!
    I will continue to read all of your family's updates on your progress, and pray for you and all of them.

    Here is a quote for you and your family -

    "We are like tea bags - we don't know our own strength until we're in hot water."
    - Sister Busche

    Press on!
    Mary Kay McCutchen

  2. Aloha Forrest,
    Letting you know that I'm thinking about you & sending good wishes & prayers.

    Stay strong & keep fighting. Feel the strength of your family near you, it's very powerful. Reach out & embrace them. Get better Forrest.

    Patrick McLain

  3. Dear Rae, Kent, Austin, and Forrest,

    We also had four candles alight in your honor this evening. You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly and we hope you will sleep more comfortably tonight without the tubes down your throat. We're looking forward to hearing about more wiggly toes tomorrow!

    We love you all - Uncle John, too!

    Diane and Jay

  4. The prayer service last evening was wonderful, filled with people of all ages who came to support all of you, to pray for you and offer you strength. It was also a way for all of of to feel as though we could do something as I know a lot feel helpless and wish they could do more, so, a big thank you to those who helped organize the service, for all to participate in a personal way. May it help you through these times and hopefully help Forrest to find his strength to come back to you sooner.
    With Love
    Sue Clarke

  5. Dear Rae, Kent, Austin, and especially Forrest,

    If you could have seen the love and caring on the faces of the many people--all ages--all walks of life- who were at the Trinity service for your family in Upperville last night, you would have been amazed. It just goes to show that good people are cherished.

    Stay strong-Love,Gail

  6. I really hope you are able to feel how loved and cared for you are Forrest! The service last night was wonderful...such a special way for an entire community to show their support for your family, and to combine their healing thoughts and prayers for you together. There is strength in numbers, and it was certainly felt by all last night. I know a part of you was there my mom and I looked up right before your service began, we noticed the two large columns....on the right is a horse, and the left is a dolphin.

    We are thinking about you, Rae, Kent and Austin everyday!!

    Kick on Forrest,
    Lynn Symansky

  7. Just a note to let you know we are sending all of our love, aloha, positive energy, prayer and everything else we have from Florida- keep fighting Forrest! We are checking in regularly and we KNOW that all the love around you will bring you back very soon.
    Our love to all of you,
    The Biedenbach family

  8. Forrest, Rae, Kent, Austin, and Uncle John, The line to sign the guest book last night was long as everyone waited patiently to send their good wishes. Everyone sang out strongly so that maybe you could hear us Forrest...During our private prayer time I said...Listen to the voices Forrest, you can hear us, just start heading to the voices. Thinking of you all every minute. Love and Hugs, Barbara Riddleberger and family

  9. Dear Kent, Rae, Austin and Forrest,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I'm sending you strength, encouragement and lots of love. Based on the number of times I repaired little hand prints in wet plaster walls, I know Forrest, you will not give up!
    I'm grateful for being able to follow the progress here.

    With love,
    Cindy Bateman (Mueller)

  10. To Kent, Rae, and Austin,
    I've been following this blog since the accident, and I just wanted to let you know how much we're thinking about you and Forrest every day. I must say this whole ordeal hits much closer to home now that I'm a parent myself...with 2 very active boys, nonetheless! I think Forrest was close to Braedon's age when I first met him. I can't imagine where the years have gone. Seeing all these current photos of Forrest really puts time in perspective! I applaud your strength and courage, and I know that it's helping Forrest find his way back to you. Thank you for sharing and keeping us up-to-date on this blog.

    To Forrest,
    I'm sure you know by now that you have a huge support group out there pulling for you. We are here to offer all the encouragement you need. From everything that I've seen and read on this blog, I expect that you won't give up until you've found your way back. Get well soon!

    Love, The Hobsons
    Michele, Simon, Braedon & Landon

  11. Forrest, I am a good friend of your aunt Trish. I have been following your progress and it sounds like you are making progress. I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts. I hope you get some rest Kiddo, and that you continue to improve.

    Trish, I love you and I'm here for you. My phone is always on.