Monday, January 24, 2011

Update: 2pm on 1/24

Forrest just got out of surgery. It took 3 1/2 hours but it went well.

We believe he is searching for the way back to us and your collective prayers will help him find his path. They'd surely throw us out if we light a candle in ICU so at 6:00 Pm tonight we'll break the 2 person limit rule, bring our whole family into his room, light Kent's and Austin's i-phone lighters (Forrest will love that) and encircle him with the light of our collective love and faith.

Gratefully yours,

Rae Kent Austin & Forrest


  1. certain that your iphone "flashlights" will illuminate -
    sending TONS of love, positive thoughts and energy.
    All of you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Have been following the blog regularly, but only now
    successful at posting :-) you know old dog, new tricks AND
    the gift of time.

  2. Kent, Rae and Austin:

    I heard about what happened with Forrest yesterday while spending time with my Dad and Bj. How absolutely tragic. It just reminds us all to slow down a bit (figuratively and literally) and breathe. I still remember when the three of you stayed at my hotel a few years back and how adorable Forrest was; a shy little kid who radiated this positive energy and was most excited that he could just hang out in his own room. :o)

    After reading your blog posts and hearing what you and everyone else has been sharing about Forrest, I am confident this amazing kid will pull through. He doesn’t seem like a quitter and, if nothing else, perhaps he’ll see this as yet another challenge to take head-on. My well wishes and positive thoughts are being sent your way and I am hoping for a fast and successful recovery for Forrest. He seems like a wonderful person who has affected many, many people and his contributions to this world are far from over. My love to you guys and especially Forrest; as my Dad has told me my entire life: “KBTN…kick butt, take names!” You’ve got this beat, Forrest and we’re all behind you!

    With love,
    Lisa Cantu-Lautsch

  3. Kent, Rae, Austin and Uncle John, I am sure that there will be thousands of flickers of light this evening. The one thing our wonderful community come together when there is a tragedy. Fight hard Forrest, we are all lighting the way...looking forward to you opening your eyes and witnessing all of the love that is around you...Love Barbara, Chris, Kendra (who will be lighting a candle in London) and Claudia XXOO

  4. So glad that he is out of surgery and it went well. We will join everyone in prayers tonight also, but they are already been being sent up continually with the family network we have going. That has been beautiful to see and I know we are being heard. Blessing on you Forrest as you fight the fight to work your way back. And to you Kent, Rae, and Austin as you support him non-stop also. Love you all. Across the miles... Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ron in Colorado

  5. You know the saying, "It takes a village". There is a huge village here for you, praying for you. Our family included. Keep on believing!
    With Love, The Bosserman Family

  6. Forrest, Austin, Rae, and Kent,
    With love and prayers there will be a candle burning here in New Hampshire!!

  7. A great story from Eli:

    Dear Forrest,
    During 9th and 10th grade we had a lot of good conversations at Subway,
    and it was definitely a monthly if not weekly dinner because you love
    getting a Philly cheese steak sub.

    One night in the spring after another delicious meal, it started to
    drizzle a bit. We sat inside continued talking about whatever. It was
    getting close to 8 so we had to leave. As soon as we sat on our bikes it
    started to poor! Immediately we were off peddling through the old people
    home nearby, past the gas station, up main street splashing through huge
    puddles. I was so nervous about my phone getting wet and all you were
    doing was basking in the rain. Soaking wet, speeding through campus back
    to Fowle, our vision was off with all the water flying into our eyes, but
    we were smiling, laughing, and having to much fun for our own good.

    Anytime I go there I think of that night, and I hope it rains, especially
    if I have a bike. Steffie and I are going tomorrow night, I'll get a
    philly cheese steak for you, however, it will be going into my belly.

    When you are well, we must go on another adventure like this obviously in
    the rain. Stay strong. First floor Fowle salutes you (aka me, Pete and Min
    Choel, we're the only ones left.) See you at prom.


  8. Forrest, Austin, Rae, and Kent,

    The last few days have brought good news and, as a parent who has been pacing right along with you, hope for a solid recovery. We watch this blog often during the day for updates and more good news. We will certainly join you this evening, correcting for time zone, and phone OS (we're on Android) - sending as much good energy as we can. There are many members of our family and the original Eklin clan pulling for Forrest - Come on kid, time to get back to all of us!

    Hugs from CA - Gary and Bj Cantu

  9. There will be candles (both real and cell phone versions) burning here in Akron, Ohio for Forrest at 6pm. Our thought and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!
    -Brian and Becky Masuga

  10. Four candles lit - if I had 44 in the house, I'd light those too! I figured four is a good omen, an abbreviation of your nickname, and one for you, your mom, dad, and brother. I will keep them going here. Prayers and all positive healing energy continue to be sent your way. XO, Laurie

  11. We are out of town and cannot attend the prayer service, but Charlotte and I will cover Forrest in prayer at 6:00pm EST.

    I pray that you feel the collective and healing power of God tonight for whenever two or more are gathered in His name, He is present.

    So even when it is just one of you sitting quietly with Forrest late at night God is there beside you tenderly cradling your son.

    We appreciate these updates so much and have been moved to tears by some of Austin's posts. What an awesome brother.

    Shannon, Charlotte and all Davis'. XO

  12. All of the prayer and love concentrated on you and Forrest are a formidable force.

  13. Dear Forrest,

    We have been praying for you right now. I just have to share a story of hope with you and your family. My other grandma hit her head and didn't have any heart function for over 6 minutes a few years back. The doctors were very concerned and things looked grim. We all prayed for healing, and praise be to God, she is 100% healed today. Her first response was wiggling her toes on command like you are doing!! :):) Once the feeding tube came out, she woke up and over time she was healed completely and today you'd never know what she had been through. The doctors described it as Lazarus being raised from the dead like in the Bible! I will never forget it and I am praying Jesus will bring the same complete healing to you my cousin!! We love you so much!!

    Kelly, Brad, Ava and Chase Jensen:):)

  14. Hi Forrest - I think the whole world is lit up for you! Prayers and candles burning for you here in the Turks & Caicos. Get well soon! Peace and happiness, Melinda

  15. Tonight at 6:00pm the DQB team gathered around the docks with all of the dolphins surrounding us. We lit candles and as a group sent all of our positive vibes, and energy to you!!! Keep on wiggling those toes!

    -Krysta Walker

  16. The buzzing of prayers and thoughts of you are everywhere! Keep fighting Forrest! ~ Kim

  17. Prayed for you at 6:00 tonight, bro. Thinking about you every day at school. I don't know if we have classes together this semester but I REALLY hope we do. Can't wait for you to get better so you can come back to school and play lax with us this season. Highland has your back 1000%. Love you, man.

    Eric "McLovin"

  18. We have lit a candle at our home in Germantown, Maryland. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. With Love, The Gebhardt's ~ Pam and Tom, Emily and Snickers

  19. FORREST!!! Wasn't able to make it to your service tonight because I had rehearsal. But believe me every song I was singing was for you :) i got home and lit a candle for you (Yankee Candle Egyptian Cotton to be specific) You've been in my thoughts all night and day love. In English today Peyton snapped open a Red Bull and I instinctively looked around for you so I could whine to the two of you about how Red Bull is disgusting and how you shouldn't drink it. BUt alas, you weren't there so I whined to just Peyton instead but I complained to you in my head :] haha maybe we should convince a nurse to give you one eh? Be back soon so I can judge you for your daily Red Bulls! Keep fightin' Forrest!!! We're all behind you! LOVE YOU!!!

    Emily Dods

  20. Dear Rae,Kent and Austin,
    We send you our prayers and love during this most difficult time. How wonderful the support and amazing stories that are put forth in this blog.
    We are focused on Forrest's recovery which is well under way.
    Kitty and Johnny Barker

  21. come on, Forrest! i know you will pull through! you are strong! you are tenacious! you can do this!

    Rae, Kent, Austin - i missed the upperville prayer ceremony, but you can be sure my thoughts are with you. its great that you are there for him. Austin, i think you SHOULD play some of that heavy bass for him. he needs ALL the stuff he loves around him. and music is powerful.

  22. Hello Forrest.
    From what I have read and heard about you, I know that you are an impressive young man. I know that you have the love and support of your family and friends and Aunt Trish and all of her friends here in Portland. Know that you have the full support of the PDX community for a full and speedy recovery. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Well wishes to you and all of your family. Keep up the good work and know that health will follow!

    Rob Cellini

  23. Hello there my Grandson Forrest. I hear you have had one more success by getting some good sleep today. Last night when Austin was staying by your bedside we were texting and talking quietly at your side. Austin ask that I talk really quiet, so I did. Hope we didn't disturb you. Remember when I was still on our farm - one Christmas you sent me a set of indoor chimes. I still have those and think of you each time I walk through the door into the sunroom - where they are hanging I jingle them and say a "HI FORREST"! When the wind blows the set Austin sent peals as it is blowing in the wind. They are just outside the front door. You can tell him when you wake up and want to talk. I love you Forrest. All your Missouri family and our friends and churches all over southwest Missouri are praying to God to heal you up and get you well again. Granma