Friday, January 21, 2011

Updated: 4:30pm on 1/21

Forrest's Mom shared some of your cards with him earlier this today.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement.


  1. Well, here goes a post from your 83 year old grandmom! So if I can do this anyone can. And yes, I had to get a little assistance. ha Hello my super grandson Forrest. My, will you ever have a memory book to look back on! Other friends and family close to you are sharing time spent with you, and a few of those memories you may have forgotten, but now you get them written down to have always.

    One winter, when you were six or seven, you had a tent in the playroom up in the attic area. You and I were in the tent having a picnic. Your mom came up to check on us and wanted to play too. I got out and she climbed in. We had lots of fun.

    Forrest, I did not know that you liked to watch the moon too, until your dad mentioned it today. Granpa Doc and I sometimes used to stand by the back gate of the barn at our farm just watching the man-in-the-moon. After Granpa Doc passed away, I would remember this and could picture him hiding up there behind the moon looking down. ha! To this day, I always look forward to watching for that full moon.

    When your dad was young, he would like to do some things alone also like he mentioned in today's blog post. Can you believe all the ways we are similar. Guess that proves we are family. In high school, your dad used to get up during track season at 5:30 am and go running. He just thought it was really peaceful to run alone.

    A funny thing I remember about you happened after Granpa Doc died; everyone stayed for a week cleaning and fixing up things around the farm. When it was time for everyone to go home, you told your dad that you wanted to stay and live there. He said that wouldn't work. Finally, you said, "I know Dad. We will just put the farm on a semi-trailer and move it to Virginia!" When you were told it wouldn't fit, you said for your dad to just buy another trailer and move it on two.

    I also remember a S'mores story with you and the big bonfire. I remember the story Lisa told too and I also remember you cooking marshmallows and sharing them with everyone. And we did some S'mores in the fireplace each winter when I came to visit your farm. So, you seem to really like these things. Smart boy.

    You know I love you very, very much and am praying for you so often. I plan to have some more fun times together so heal up soon. Grandmom Allen

  2. Rae - you are a beautiful mom. I know Forrest knows you are there holding his hand. He feels each of your presence, and derives strength from that. We love to read the stories from all those who have been touched by Forrest over the years. And the pictures are amazing - what a storybook of memories. Our favorite is Austin and Forrest sleeping on top of eachother. Too cute. We are thinking of Forrest, you, Kent, Austin and the rest of the family constantly, and continue to send those prayers not only for Forrest, but to give you continued strength and hope through this process. Together you will get through this, and all of us will be there to support you in any and every way we can. XO, Steve and Laurie

  3. Forrest,

    As I sit here reading all these posts, I am thinking that you are one very lucky young man. So much love surrounding you and so many awesome experiences lived. You have so much to come back to and if it were up to us, you would not even be where you are, but it is really up to our Creator and his plan for you. Feel that love, feel that strength, fight the fight - you have too many experiences yet to share.

    Kent, Rae, Austin and family - you are all amazing. Thank you for sharing your blogs with all of us who are praying for all of you.

    Gaby, Alejandra, Esteban and family

  4. Hi, Forrest. It's taken me a while to figure out how to blog, but I think I got, now. We've never met, but through these posts and blogs I am getting to know an incredible young man who is so loved by everyone. I truly can't wait to meet you.
    I do not have familiar stories or experiences to share with you, but what occurred to me this evening as I was unpacking my children’s books was there might be something in these books that is familiar to you. I know your family is reading these to you, so I decided to share one of my children’s favorite poems from one of their favorite books with you. Maybe it was one you have heard of. It is from Shel Silverstein’s book, “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and I know I read this to Dru and James hundreds of times. This one is one of our favorites.
    “Hug O’ War
    I will not play at tug o’war,
    I’d rather play at hug o’war,
    Where everyone hugs
    Instead of tugs.
    Where everyone giggles
    And rolls on the rug,
    Where everyone kisses
    And everyone grins,
    And everyone cuddles,
    And everyone wins.

    Forrest you are receiving many hugs and kisses, and cuddles from everyone and you will win! I, as well as everyone send you my positive energy 24/7.

    Rae, Kent and Austin, thank you for sharing these postings. Your strength is amazing and know that I am with you all in thought and spirit and sending all of you my prayers. I know I will meet your amazing son.