Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update: 11:30am on 1/20

Dad and I (Austin) took the early shift, listening and talking with the Docs during the morning "rounds." Forrest remained stable overnight. His vitals are strong. His fever continues to fluctuate, which is being fought with Tylenol and a cooling blanket. The doctors are continuing to monitor his respiratory system for signs of pneumonia, a complication that sometimes occurs because of the respirator. So far his lungs are clear. The Docs began decreasing the sedation yesterday, and it continues to slowly and gradually decrease. His pupils, coughing, and other reflexes are showing increased activity, which is good. No purposeful movements yet, but it is early in the game.

We love all of the wonderful cards, banners, messages, and posts we have received. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to post stories, wishes, and thoughts on the blog. Whether they be funny, motivational, or thoughtful, we really appreciate them. They buoy our spirits and we read them to Forrest each day. These stories and voices are valuable to him, they seem to calm him and will be even more beneficial when he wakes up. And we love hearing stories of Forrest that we didn't know. Below is a picture of Dad reading some of the blog to him:


  1. Austin, I love the picture of your Dad reading to Forrest! So cute. Thank you to you, to your Dad, to your Mom and to your cousin Lisa for keeping us all posted about Forrest's progress; reading Forrest's blog has become part of my morning routine when I log into my personal emails and on fb. :-)
    I continue to pray for Forrest and there isn't a day that goes by that I do not think of him. You are such a great brother to Forrest and I'm sure Forrest loves you as his older brother.

  2. Hey Forrest, I know you probably don't remember me since it has been such a long time since I have seen you, but when I lived in PA, I got to come down to the farm quite often. At that time, we both seemed to really enjoy each other's company.....I think it had to do with having similar personalities. Even though you are no longer that little boy that I remembered, I still continue to keep up with you through your Aunt Lobie.
    In an earlier blog, I mentioned playing hide and seek with you. Your Mom and all of her brothers and sisters and I were sitting on the back porch talking about games we use to play while growing up on North 36 St. You insisted that we play some of them, so we did. When we started playing hide and go seek, you quickly realized that I could find great places to hide so you started "stealing my spots". We then became a team and started hiding together, although we were usually found. Your Uncle Brad finally said, "You know, you two wouldn't be found if you would stop giggling. We can hear the two of you all of the way across the yard." However, with your speed, you could usually get to home base without getting caught and since we were a "team" I insisted that I was safe too, much to Brad's protests. I remember that night as being one filled with so much laughter because of you.
    I know that joy for life and the ability to giggle will get you and your family through the days ahead.
    On another post, I will tell you a story about the time that you and I got in trouble with your Mother.
    Gets some rests for now.
    Rae, hang in there sweetie, always remember how much I love the whole Stone clan. Jessiann

  3. Sitting here with Forrest this morning and looking at his slideshow reminds me of so many wonderful times together. The ones I remember today are our diving trips. It always drove me crazy that we could both go down with the same amount of air and that I would be back up in 45 minutes. He on the other hand would be cruising around chasing turtles,fish and sharks for an hour and 45 minutes just sipping the air and chilling as he would tell me later when he came up. So that's what I see him doing in my mind. Just cruising around chilling while the rest are waiting up on the surface. Hurry back lil buddy.
    Love Dad

  4. Dear Forrest,

    I want to tell a little story of a hidden talent you have that may not be known to many.

    Remember when your mom had her shoulder injury and surgery? Well, I saw her one day during her convalescing period - Actually, she may have brought you and Austin over for the clinic. Your mom looked like a million bucks. I said, "Rae, how can your hair look so good and you have one arm in a sling?" She said, " Forrest blow dried it for me". Well, having a son of my own, your age, Thomas, I looked at her in total disbelief. Her response was, "Forrest just wants to be helpful to me and that is what I needed". That lovely gesture of yours stuck with me and I think it says a lot about your character. Now it is your turn, your family and friends are all here waiting and willing to be helpful to you. Let our thoughts and prayers give you what you need and the strength to come through this.

    Do you know the Verizon commercials? The ones with the one subscriber standing there and then the camera opens up to a sea of support people in the background. That is what it looks like out here for you, Forrest. You are lying there but behind you are hundreds of people, hoping and praying for you and ready to give you any and all of the support you need to recover from this.


    The Edens

  5. Forrest!
    Is there no end to your talents??? You can blow dry hair! I'm impressed. I'll have to keep you in mind after my next hand surgery.

    Surgeries seem to be my new 'hobby' since I've retired from teaching. I taught English at the area high school and was the department head there. I really loved teaching high school -- especially juniors and seniors. Did Robyn ever tell you that she was in my American Lit class? She and about 30 of her closest friends. You'll have to ask her about the time I gave her detention.

    She had 'rules' about my chaperoning activities. I wasn't allowed to accompany her and the band to Orlando and I was only allowed to chaperone her prom if I promised not to dance. She didn't say anything, though, about my singing with the band! :) I didn't really do that, but it was fun watching her face when the other teachers mentioned it to her. I also suggested my singing the "Star Spangled Banner" at a few of her college lacrosse games. Of course, she threatened to bludgeon me with her lacrosse stick. We have a nice relationship that way.

    I was wondering what your favorite foods are, Forrest. Do you favor Italian food by any chance? I'd love to make gnocchi with marinara and meatballs for you. How about chocolate cake or pecan pie? You say the word and I'll get busy.

    Blessings, Kathy Ariano

  6. Hi, Bud-
    Remember your MobileMe security question- who's got your back? You now know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it's many more than just me. We are all here waiting for you, 44- so many people, so many prayers and so much love, especially from me.

  7. Forrest,

    I've been thinking about you everyday! I haven't seen you in a while, but we went to school together for almost 11 years, so that short time apart doesn't mean much. All my friends from Mercersburg are praying for are my parents.

    Stay strong!!

    --Aimee C

  8. Hi Dr. Allan and Family, my thoughts and prayer are with you. praying for the fast recovery of your son Forest. Hopefully he will recover and this will all be in the past. I hope to see everyone back at Dank's Deli. We miss you guys, and with the help of God Forest will be okay sooN. My family and I will be praying for Forest.
    Love, Jeanette Cortes-Arellano.

  9. Forrest –

    Sundance just had an incident with a highlighter. I tried to take a picture but because of the yellow color it isn’t showing up. Anyway - moral of the story is that I think Sundance wants to write you a note. I told him I would gladly be his scribe. After cleaning the mess and washing his face I will get his thoughts on paper. He is working on an Elk antler I got him so his attention span is a bit short – but no doubt I will have something for you by next week :).

    Rae, Kent, and Austin, he is fine. Most of the mess is on his face, floor, and wall – it just exploded. Washed his mouth out just to be sure.

    Sending Love, Snuggles, and Kisses – Sundance, Leon, Finn, Bentley, RILEY, Atlas, Lola, and Bandit (In bandits case it may be a swat, but that’s his way of showing love).

  10. Forrest,

    I wish I could remember the first time we met, but I was probably five months old, and you were probably only a couple days old. When we moved to Virginia, I remember you would always make fun of me saying, "What took you so long? We got here years before you did." Well, the Lee family couldn't get their act together haha. When we were in lower school, I think I spent more time at your house than at my own. We built so many forts in the attic, and played Super Smash Brothers on nintendo probably a little too much. I remember we would constantly argue about who was taller, but I think you've officially had me beat for the past five years. And how could I forget Pokemon? You are like a brother to me, and you'll always be my best friend. When I look back at my childhood, my fondest memories are the times I spent with you. I've been praying for you all the time, and I know you can make it through this.


  11. Forrest, Austin, Kent, and Rae
    We're loving seeing all the pictures of all of you. We've been too far away to really be a part of your life, Forrest, but we feel like we're getting caught up some through the pictures. Keep chill'n and healing.

    Hebrews 4:14-16 from the Message translation.
    "Now that we know what we have--Jesus, this great High Priest with ready access to God--let's not let it slip through our fingers. We don't have a priest who is out of touch with our reality. He's been through weakness and testing, experienced it all--all but the sin. So let's walk right up to him and get what he is so ready to give. Take the mercy, accept the help."

    Our love and prayers,
    A. Shirley & U. Gareld

  12. Forrest,
    We are praying fervantly for you and by now we are joining the thousands that are agreeing for your speedy recovery. Speaking of speed, speed is a relative thing and may have some humor in it.

    In Southern missouri four elderly ladies were out driving. The ladies were stopped by the State Highway Patrolman. The little lady driver asked, "officer, was I driving too fast? "The officer said "No Maam. You were driving too slow." the driver said" but officer the sign said, 13." The officer said, " Maam, that was the number of the highway. Not the speed limit." As the officer looked at the ladies in the car he saw one in the back seat that was shaking and shivering all over. The officer asked, "Maam, are you alright?" And the little lady said, "We-we-we just came-came off-off of 120."
    ----after thought --- We have to understand what we are looking at--we are looking at your speedy recovery. Love-- Uncle Gareld

  13. Hi Forrest - checking in for the evening and wishing you a good night. What is it with dogs and hi-lighters? You may remember my springer spaniel Levi - probably the most neurotic dog you would have ever met - he used to make a steady diet of them. He preferred the pink ones - which made for lovely stains on beige carpet and white fur. He also enjoyed opening boxes of bread or cake mix, or 5lb bags of sugar and flour, which let me tell you turns to cement when combined with a hefty amount of drool and carpet fibers. Not sure you met my yellow Lab - about twice the size of Sundance, appropriately named Tiny. She's the good angel in the family. Anyway, I do believe Sundance was trying to write to you too - Robyn, maybe you can teach him to type! Well, rest easy buddy. Thinking of you as always, and keeping you and your family in my prayers. xo, Laurie

  14. Hi Forrest this is Olivia from 2nd grade at Hill. I want to make a pillow with my sewing machine for you. I got my sewing machine at Christmas from my Grandma. I will try to send it to you next week. If I dont next week I will send it the week after. I hope you get better soon. I like spaghetti too :) Love Olivia Simmons.

  15. Hey Forrest-- It's Laura Personius, I interned at DQ Hawaii in the summer of 09' with Bree, Molly, Heather, Kara and Nikki. You and your brother came with your mom and spent a few days with us. You were such a riot :) and always willing to help us. When I heard what happened from Bree I literally dropped my phone; I couldn't believe it. You are such a great guy and have so many days/night ahead of you to prove how awesome you are so please make sure you fight Forrest.... fight and heal so we can see you again soon.

    My Prayers--- <3

  16. Dear Forrest,
    In kindergarten you borrowed a pair of batteries for your game boy, something I think I’ve reminded you about every year for the past decade. Well you've long since paid me back, but I think I’ll continue to remind you in the years to come, it brings back good memories. Seriously though game boy was awesome, I still play Pokémon yellow on my game boy color, something I’d love you to have because its definitely worth rediscovering. I speak for myself, and most likely Sundance as well, when I say you should get another pet squirrel, the things are fascinating. I don’t know if you remember but we almost caught one at Mercersburg freshman year. If I knew the words to the whale song that Luke used to sing Min, I’d sing it for you. On a different note, Forrest you're a great friend, you've been through a lot, I know you'll pull through; you have a family and friends who love you dearly, and who want nothing more than to see you well again and smiling. I can’t tell you how much it’s meant having you as a friend all through high school; you've been there for me during the happiest and sadist times of my life. Get well soon bud,

  17. Hi Forrest!! I don't think you know how much we miss you at school ): The lounge is soooo quiet and eating Chipotle isn't the same without you there! We keep telling all these funny stories and being like, we wish Forrest was here ):

    Nothing is the same without you so please please please heal your body up and come back to school! You'll get a lot more sympathy than Pey ever did with his broken pelvis thing haha ;) I'm thinking you'll be able to score a lot of free Chipotle and Taco Bell!

    I love you and miss you!!

  18. Forrest,

    It's been awhile since we've really talked, probably since 8th grade but I wanted to pass on some memories I have with you! :) Backkkk in the day when you, me, nick and tori were all in Pony Club together, i remember lessons and the coach would always be like "Forrest, SLOW DOWN!" you're always diving headfirst into life and you've always managed to come out all in one piece. Remember when you did the pony races at gold cup and you hit the pole? Gosh that was scary...but you made it through, as always. I can picture your pony so well but I don't remember his name! :(

    Well as you know, everyone is praying for you so hurry up and heal up and get back out there! I have to say though, no more snowboarding!! ;) Just kidding, i know that its something that you love!

    Alix and I are going to make some more cards and stuff to send you, so hang tight bud!

    I love you for-for!


  19. Forrest,
    Mercersburg is not the same without you--we all wish you were here to spend senior year with us. We miss all the times everyone would have dance parties in the dorms, do nothing in ford, and the shanking competitions in 9th grade. Everyone is still thinking about you all the time and hoping you wake up soon so we can come visit. Hang in there, we love you!!

  20. Good morning, young Forrest!

    And now….as they used to say across the pond….and now for something completely different.

    In the latest news from the World of Science, this just in:

    An esteemed team of zoologists and veterinarians at the World Famous San Diego Zoo….where I used to work, by the way….a very nice place….a world famous team of veterinarians and zoologists at the esteemed San Diego Zoo announced today that they have successfully crossed an elephant with a rhino.

    Yes, you heard that right…..scientists have crossed an elephant with a rhino!

    And what do they call this strange new creature, you ask? What do they call this cross between an elephant and a rhino?


    What’s it called? El – if – I - know…….elephino! Ba-dum bomp! Clang!

    Well, ooooookay! Thank you, thank you very much. You’ve been a wonderful audience. My name is Jeff and I’ll be here all week! Remember to tip your cocktail waitress!

    And you know what they say…..“laugher is the best medicine.” And just in case they’re right, I’ll see if I can come up with a joke that’s actually funny.

    A wink, a smile and love to ya….. --jj

  21. Dear Forrest,
    I am an old friend of your Aunt Tricia's. She told me about your accident and I just wanted to tell you something.

    I know you don't me, but know this! You come from a long line of Stone genes that possess no less than tremendous strength, incredible determination and loving support. Be assured that when you open your eyes and smile at your mom, your dad, and your brother, that you are safe and home in their loving arms.

    I am going to add you and your family to my prayer list at my church. There are people you will never know that are praying for you and lifting you up to our healing Creator.

    May you be blessed with continuous healing, the most excellent rest and all the love your heart can hold.

    Pam Hallmark

  22. After a light snowfall all day yesterday here in Telluride, CO, today was a brilliantly sunny day. Jay found bright yellow and orange flowers that, since we can't send them to you, he stuffed into his ski jacket, and he and I took them up to the top of the mountain (13,500 ft). We held them high so you might see them all the way in VA, and then flung them into the wind knowing that their bright spirit, and all our love and good wishes, would shower down on you today. We'll try to post some pictures on the blog and we have already sent them to your mom.

    Love, Diane and Jay

  23. hey forrest,

    its tough to follow diane's post because she just let a flower go from over 13,000 ft but what i can do is sit in a smelly computer room at my buddies house in little rock AR and read up on how you are doing, so i hope u will feel as special for that as you do a flower off the top of mt. everest. i have been following up on you and doing a good bit of thinking and praying about you in hopes that you will soon be back on your feet. i hope that you get better soon and you start getting back into your wild and crazy advertures that you always seem to have. just know you have a lot of people thinking about you from day to day.
    miss you buddy


  24. Good morning, Forrest:

    I was sitting here thinking of the many times I have seen you out hunting with your mother. I have always been impressed at how well you sat your horse, especially given what a tall guy you are. You always look so graceful. Must be your mother's genes. Now, that is no slight to your dad, but I was in a dance class with them a few years ago, and I can tell you that your mother has natural ability. We would learn a new salsa or swing step and your mom got it the first time around. Your dad, let's say, took a little bit longer, but he was pretty persistent. Especially the Tango. They were really beautiful together doing that dance.

    I know you have your parents persistence and stick-to-itness, and I want you to use it to get better very soon.

    Love you.

    Susanne Lamb

  25. Hi Forrest, Kent, Rae and Austin,

    First I have to apologized if I am just posting comments now, I have been reading the blog but did not have any idea that I can post comments, yeah you can call me "old school". My 6 year old could have helped me with this. LOL

    Anyways, Forrest, you have been in our thoughts and prayers, it was quiet a shock to hear about what happened. My parents and James sends their love to you and your family.

    I was telling James about you when you were just like 3 years old, did you know that every time I hear or say "S'mores" I think of you and the story about it I always have to tell it every time?

    I vividly remember, we were driving from Middleburg Town going home to that windy road, you were 3 years old, I was driving and you said, " I want S'mores", so i said, "you want "more" what? we just came to get some ice cream." and you said "S'mores" so again I said " MORE what?" and we went on and on until we got home, I asked Austin or I can't remember who at that time, they explained to me that you meant "S'mores bars" from the bakery, i did not know S'mores bars back then!, I thought you want MORE of something. So now ever time James wants S'mores, you know who I think of!
    But I have to tell the story in person, it will sound funnier than this.

    Oh well, i did not want to bored anybody reading this to you, just to let you know that we love you, you and your family we will always have memories and we would love to see that wide smile and cute smile of yours soon!

    Hazel and James
    (Mita's sister)

  26. Hi Forrest, we just got back from University of Delaware where Mandie is transferring to. Was reading the blog with Ryan when he said You have a great nickname in 44...which is also Ryan's football number...we all agreed we love that you have his "strength number"'s a good number and are confident it will bring good outcomes! We continue to pray for you to have a complete recovery...that RedBull case is waiting for you...

    Viki, rick, Mandie & Ryan