Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update: 8:00am on 1/18

Forrest is resting well after the move from Trauma ICU to Neuro ICU,  he continues on high levels of pain relief and is still in a medically induced coma. He received some blood yesterday and he had a quiet night on the new floor here at University of Virginia Medical Center. There is a slight temp elevation that the team is watching closely and he is scheduled for repeat chest x-Ray and CT of his head later today. His Mom, Dad, Austin and Uncle John are alternating shifts supplementing the excellent care he is receiving here.

We read him the comments from the blog and email and assure him that all his friends and family love him.


  1. We continue to send prayers and positive thoughts to Forrest and all of you. This blog is such a great way for all of us to keep updated and I love all of the pictures. I know he is receiving the best of care and is surrounded by his loving family. Love, Betsy, Mark & Lauren Davis

  2. Dear Forrest,
    Stay strong. I can picture you galloping across Mrs. Braga's with the hunt staff on OCH junior day and believe you will be taking the field again one day. With best wishes to you, Austin and your parents,
    Megan Gallagher

  3. Hi Forrest,
    I am in second grade at Hill, my name is Olivia, I hope you feel better. I love the picture of you on a horse. Do you ride horses? I ride a pony named Trixie. She is a nice pony. I will say a prayer for you tonight when I goto bed. What is your favorite food? I like mac and cheese.Love, Olivia Simmons

  4. So sweet to see Olivia's note...inspired me to talk to Lilli, Owen's 6 year old step-sister who said...

    Dear Forrest,
    I pray for you and I hope you are safe and ok. And that you get to come home soon and I wish you could be better.
    Love Lilli Barkley

  5. Forrest - stay strong and use all of the love and support around you to help you heal. You are in my constant thoughts and every prayer. I am sending you, your mom, dad, and Austin all my love and good wishes from afar. Keep on healing! XO, Laurie

  6. Dear Forrest,
    Since you couldn't be at school today, we decided to close. (The ice didn't help, of course.) Tomorrow we'll have to muddle through without you, but we're looking forward to having you back in the Senior Lounge again.

    With love and hope for a swift recovery,
    Cassin Bertke

  7. Dear Forrest, Rae, Kent, and Austin,
    It's great to read all the blog postings and know that prayers, good wishes, and positive energy are surrounding you all. There has been a huge orange moon the past few dawns and we know that it is bathing you in peaceful slumber so ythat our body can heal. 'So glad your Uncle John is there for you and for support to your mom, dad, and Austin. We hope the tests today show improvement and that you can spend the rest of the day healing! You are in good hands and surrounded by love. We're thinking about you constantly.
    Love, Diane and Jay

  8. Dear Forrest,
    We are a current Hill family. Our son Liam is in 8th grade, ready to join you and all the other wonderful students at Highland next year. Our thoughts are with you and we'll be sending positive energy your way so that you may heal soon and enjoy the great outdoors once again.
    The Stetson family

  9. Dear Forrest, Rae, Kent and Austin,

    You have quite the fan club here at Hill! Every corner that I turn it seems that someone is asking, "Any updates on Forrest?" or "How's Forrest doing today?". At that point, I'm usually pulling up this blog and reading them the most recent posting.

    My thoughts, prayers and wishes continue to stay with you and your family, Forrest. I, along with your huge fan club here at Hill, look forward to seeing you soon!

    I hope those tests go well today! Keep on resting and healing!
    Dan Miller

  10. We apologize for our tardiness in offering our verbal support. We have been diligently praying for each of you since Friday and will continue to do so. If there is anyway we can provide additional support across the miles, please don't hesitate to let us know.

    Additionally, our church family continues to pray for Forrest and that Kent, Rae and Austin will be blessed with peace (Philippians 4:4-7).

    Matthew 19:26 - ...but with God, all things are possible.

    We love you!

    Troy, Jessica and Camden Lauterbach

  11. Dear Forrest, Rae, Kent, and Austin<

    Finally, with the help of Carlyle, Mariah and Thomas, I have been taught how to join your blog. Keep up the good work Lisa and Austin!

    Forrest, I hope it is as healing for you to hear all the messages of love and encouragement as it is for us to be able to follow your progress. There are so many people out there who are carrying thoughts of you with them every moment of everyday. One day, very soon, you will be looking back over all of these messages and cards and realize what a strong team you have behind you. For now, you rest, and let us do the work.


    The Eden family

  12. Dear Forrest, Kent, Rae and Austin,
    I just can't stop thinking about all of you every minute of every day, and wishing all of you the very, very best. We're praying over here for you and sending positive thoughts for the love and strength all of you need.
    Heal quickly, Forrest! You probably know your neighbor over here has had a crush on you since pre-school!!! I remember vividly you splashing her in the pool at a birthday party- you guys were probably only three years old...but it started something! Your antics at Pony Club made us gasp and giggle at the same time. Then, while you were at Kettle Run last spring, Caroline's aide even noticed that she would turn beet red when you said hi!
    We need you back in the neighborhood, so we can say "Look! There's Forrest weed eating without his shirt on!" and try to get a rise out of her (which even she thought was very funny). She might be a little embarrassed that I am telling you all this, but I just want to remind you that so many people are rooting for you. You've touched so many lives in so many ways, even ones you don't know about.
    So, rest up, heal quickly...and come home soon.

  13. Dear Forrest,
    Been praying for your recovery since I learned of the accident -- (you've also been added to the prayer lists of a Abiding Lutheran Church in Columbia, MD, and to several of my blogger friends across the country.

    Robyn has been telling me about you for the past several months and it occurs to me that she thinks of you as a younger brother. She certainly does miss you. I look forward to meeting you soon. With love, Kathy Ariano and Richard Anderson (Robyn A's mom and dad)

  14. Hey Forrest,

    It is cold outside and I am glad to be indoors as I'm sure you are glad too :-) This type of weather reminds me of something funny that happened a while ago. Remember when I started working for your parents 13 years ago? You were only 3 years old then and I thought you were the cutest little American kid I've ever seen. Where has the time gone? You are now a teenager. One morning, I was helping you get ready for school (remember the time I used to take you to Pre-school at Montessori?), and all you wanted to wear that morning was a pair of shorts, it was cold outside but you were determined and wanted to wear a pair of shorts instead of wearing long pants. I remember your Mom and I were trying our best to explain to you why you should be wearing long pants during the winter season, ummmmm…. It didn’t work; there was no convincing you. Although, you quickly changed your mind the next morning and wore long pants because it got too cold for you. LOL. There were so many things that I have enjoyed while being a Nanny for you and for your brother Austin, but one of the things that I remembered was when you used to ask me to watch cartoons with you. I remember you'd grab me by the hand and lead me to the living room and asked me to sit with you and we'd watch cartoons together, BUT the best part about it all is that I also liked watching cartoons. I never realized how an 18 year old female Asian person and a 3 year old American kid had something in common then! :- ) What about the times that I used to take you to Huckleberries for some ice cream after school? I wish Huckleberries was still around... I'd like to watch a movie and get some ice cream sometime with you and Austin, just like back in the days. I'm sure you've heard of Cold Stone before, they have the best ice cream ever. My favorite flavor is Coffee Lovers. It is yummy!

    Forrest, I have countless memories of you from your early years and it would be cool to recount them with you sometime. Please know that you are surrounded by a family that loves you dearly and by many friends that care very much about you. You have grown to be a handsome and a talented young man and I cannot wait to see you. Thinking of you every day and praying for you always. Have a restful day today, buddy.

    Rae, Kent & Austin: Sending positive and peaceful thoughts your way and may you draw strength and encouragement from the family members and the friends that think of Forrest and you ll and pray for him every day.

    Love always,


  15. Dear Forrest:
    We've never met, however, I am a friend of Kathy Ariano. I just want you to know I am sending you my positive thoughts and good wishes for your recovery.

  16. Forrest....
    I hope you don't mind that I posted a prayer request for you with a brief description of your accident on my FB page. Thought you might be interested in the responses, which continue to come in:

    Debbie Jay-Reichert [Springfield, MO] OMG Kay ... You know you have them !!!!! I am so Sorry !!!

    Carole Altman [married to Dane Altman, your second/third cousin from Dallas, Texas] Prayers. Hugs sweet lady this is way too much!

    Mary Lou Simon Barton [Tulsa, OK] So sorry to hear this!! Forrest and all concerned will be in my prayers!!!

    Cecil G. Drummond [Tulsa, OK] You and your family will be in our prayers, keep us in the loop.

    Cheryl Carpenter Estep [Tulsa, OK] I'm so sorry Kay, prayers for everyone.

    Debra Jan Morrow Ingram [Tulsa, OK] So so sorry. Prayers to him..,

    Mona Prock Daniel [Sulpher Springs, TX ] OH my Kay....yes, I am praying!!!! Praying!!

    Emily Confer Barclay [Austin, TX] I will keep him and his family in my prayers.

    Dena Groover Leasure [Normal, Ill] Such a horrible accident! Prayers are flowing for him.

    Kathryn Wiley[Chicago, Ill] Prayers for Forrest and family...

    Mona Prock Daniel [Sulpher Springs, TX] Where is he right now??

    Linda Vaughn Aaron [Springfield, MO] Heart breaking. Praying for Forrest's complete recovery and for his family and friends.

    Jean Thompson Marsh [Nashville, TN] Sorry to hear this, Kay. We will be praying. Please keep us informed.

    Tina Millikan [Your second/third cousin from Rio Rancho, New Mexico] Prayers are being lifted as I type this and will add on our prayer list at church

    Janet Nadeau Sanderson [Huntsville, Alabama] PRAYING!!!!!!!

    Terry Loflin Young [Springfield, MO] Praying!

    Nancy Holmes [St. Louis, MO] God bless all of you with His healing and sustaining love.

    Christie Lisk Rogers [Arkansas City, Kansas] Praying and asking others to do the same...

    Mary Cavallini [Chicago, Ill] Praying!

    Brenda Niles Bolen [Another second/third cousin of yours - Oklahoma City, OK] Oh, how terribly sad, Kay. Please continue to keep us updated. Will be praying for healing. I will pass this on to the folks.

    Mikee Bishop [Springfield, MO] Praying for him and the family!

    Cindy Smith [Tulsa, OK] You've got it.

    Nicki Richardson Ferrell [El Paso, TX] Mine too.

    Lavona Baxter [Springfield, MO] Forrest Allen, we are praying for you.

    Martie Miller Noll [San Antonio, TX] Oh my! How awful! Praying and keep us updated!

    Janet C. Smith [Prarie Village, KS] My prayers are with you Forrest Allen!

    Rick Wallace [Springfield, MO] I'm so sorry Kay. Will keep him in my prayers.

  17. I finally figured out how to do this. Lisa and Austin, thanks for this blog and keeping us posted. Rae, i wish i could be there to hold you. Forrest, prayers do work! And we even go to church every week so maybe that counts as extra? This Sunday we put in a prayer request in our Aiken church so now you have 500 more people praying for you too.
    Catherine and David

  18. Forrest,
    I was so sorry to hear of your accident. You need to know that I am thinking of you and praying for your full recovery. I look forward with great anticipation to the day when you return to Mercersburg and flash that killer smile of yours and give me a big bear hug. Those hugs mean a lot to me and you do too. Please listen to your Doctors and get well as soon as possible, Love, Mr. H (Jack Hawbaker)

  19. Dear Forrest:

    Please know that the whole Lamb clan holds you in our hearts, minds and prayers. We know that this is the most challenging situation you have ever faced, but we also know that you have the complete love and devotion of your family, friends, doctors and nurses. With their support and fine care, we know that you will make a speedy recovery. You are young and strong and that will carry the day.

    Rae, Kent and Austin:

    We know that you are giving your whole selves to Forrest's recovery, but please remember to rest and eat whenever you can. The whole community is here to help, you have only to say the word

    Austin, you did a wonderful job setting up the blog and we follow it closely each day. The news that Forrest will soon begin the process of waking up is a ray of sunshine. We know that there will be many more.

    With love, Steve, Susanne, Steven and Jeffrey